Instructions for using Adios! Drain Cleaner

Instructions for using Adios! Drain Cleaner


Adios! Drain Cleaner offers an effective solution to clogged and slow moving kitchen and bathroom drains. Made with a bioactive enzyme-based formula, Drain Cleaner is able to cut through fats, grease, oils, and organic matter. Breakdown these clogs at the source to eliminate pip backups and foul odors!


Instructions on using

For maintenance purposes, add 2 oz of product to the drains each week. For slow drains, use 4 oz. Shake before using. Let the product sit in drain for 15 minutes before using drain. Do not flush water down after applying.


Amount to Use

Purpose Amount of Product
Maintenance 2 oz
Slow drainage 4 oz


Warnings and Precautions


Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Rinse with plenty of water if in eyes. Wash with soap if contacted with skin. Contact a doctor if you have an allergic reaction or irritation. If ingested, rinse mouth and drink water, then contact your doctor.


Questions or Concerns?

Contact us at for additional information on how to use our products or for any concerns you might have. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST time and we usually reply in one or two business days. Thank you!