Instructions for using Adios! Spray Dye

Instructions for using Adios! Spray Dye

Adios! Spray Dye

Adios! Spray Dye is a blue marking dye for lawns and can be used in conjunction with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other lawn chemicals. Blue dye helps to identify sprayed areas and saves on money and overspraying.


Instructions on using

Pour dye directly into sprayer or spraying device. Mix afterward with light shaking or with stick. Use amount indicated below in chart.


Amount to Use

Purpose Amount of Product
1 Gallon Sprayer 2oz
2 Gallon Sprayer 4oz
5 Gallon Sprayer 10oz
10 Gallon Sprayer 20oz


Warnings and Precautions

Will stain surfaces, cement, wood, skin, but will wash off in 24-48 hours. 


Questions or Concerns?

Contact us at for additional information on how to use our products or for any concerns you might have. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST time and we usually reply in one or two business days. Thank you!