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Adios! Hot Tub and Spa Defoamer 32oz Quart

Adios! Hot Tub and Spa Defoamer 32oz Quart

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Adios! Hot Tub and Spa Defoamer is an easy and practical way to remove and eliminate foam. Foam is created by skin oils, residual soap, sunscreen and other suspensions in spas and pools. Our defoamer works by using a silicone-based emulsion that reduces the surface tension of water, preventing foam from forming at the source. This also allows spa and tub filters to work properly and filter out the foam causing agents, which helps clarify pools.

 Easy to use, Adios! Hot Tub and Spa Defoamer can be applied directly into the water. No mixing, no shaking or testing is required. Defoamer can be used with all standard pool chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, salts and clarifiers.

 Our formula is 100% non-toxic and safe to use around humans* and pets.

 Adios! products are manufactured right in small town America and proudly backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it and use it, return it!

 *Please note: Those with a silicone allergy should not use this product.


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