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BulkBliss Food Grade Propylene Glycol

BulkBliss Food Grade Propylene Glycol

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BulkBliss Propylene Glycol is premium quality raw ingredient for soap making, cosmetics and humidor solutions. Made from guaranteed 99.7% purity, our propylene glycol is a perfect choice for the customer that cares about quality!

Odorless and colorless, PG adds consistency and texture to oils, creams and lotions, with the added effect of being a wonderful skin moisturizer and softener. Use propylene glycol by itself as simple and effective skin care solution without the premium pricing!

At BulkBliss, our mission is providing bulk raw materials at incredible value for our customers, but never sacrificing on quality or safety. We can do this, because unlike our competition, we *are* the manufacturer. All BulkBliss products are bottled and produced in our very own warehouse and supervised by staff with decades of experience in product safety. Our products and manufacturing lines undergo regular testing, abide by strict quality assurance and we are even certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

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