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BulkBliss High Density Fog Machine Fluid

BulkBliss High Density Fog Machine Fluid

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BulkBliss Fog Machine Fluid is specifically formulated for indoor events such as parties, music venues, clubs and weddings. Offering great dispersion and indoor hang time, our fog is great at amping up your lighting effects and providing a party mood. Plus, our formulation is concentrated, which means greater fog output per hour than the competition.


Made using water based and non-toxic chemicals, our fog fluid is a high performance product that won’t gunk up your fogger or require excessive power in order to work properly. Unlike some brands, we do never use glycerol, a cheaper substance which causes gumming and sticky residue build up after long term use.


BulkBliss products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please note that due to the density of our fog machine fluid, a minimum 400 watt fogger is required to produce fog. If you have less than a 400w fogger, we recommend going with lighter and cheaper fluids that have a higher concentration of water.


Bigger is Better with BulkBliss!


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