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PondBliss Bacteria Booster 32oz

PondBliss Bacteria Booster 32oz

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HEALTHY BACTERIA BOOST – Bring balance back to your pond with the power of beneficial bacteria! PondBliss Bacteria Booster adds billions (yes, billions) of healthy and thriving bacteria into your pond to begin the natural process of breaking down sludge and muck without the use of harsh chemicals and solvents.

CLEAN AND CLEAR WATER – Most pond treatments only offer superficial and short-term results. PondBliss Bacteria Boost actually treats the problem by digesting pond muck – the layer of decaying organic material created plants, fish and wildlife. This means cleaner ponds, happier fish and no more bad smells!

KOI SAFE – Our specially formulated bacteria is safe for fish, reptiles, animals and humans. It will not adjust the pH of your existing pond, but will remove harmful ammonia, nitrites and nitrates that lead to unhappy ponds.

LIVE BACTERIA IS BETTER – We guarantee our Bacteria Booster works, because we use live bacteria suspended in a water-based solution. No more worrying about pellets or powder that may not work, as our bacteria is already willing and ready to go to work!

TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying products for businesses and home owners. PondBliss is our line-up of quality waterscape and landscaping products without the big store price tag.


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