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PondBliss Pond Clear Water Clarifier 32oz

PondBliss Pond Clear Water Clarifier 32oz

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NATURALLY CLEAR WATER – PondBliss Pond Clear uses a special formula of beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes that cleans and clarifies ponds without the use of chemical treatments. Our enzymes speed up nature’s own process by helping break down pond muck and dirty water, creating a balance and healthier pond eco system.

OUTDOOR READY – Specifically designed for large and outdoor ponds, our Pond Clear formula is a concentrated dose of enzymes that will rapidly begin spreading and working for the next 3 months. Apply in spring when water is above 50 degrees F.

LARGE COVERAGE – One quart of PondBliss Pond Clear can treat a quarter acre pond, while our gallon mix covers a full acre up to 6 feet deep. For first time ponds, green or muck filled ponds, 2 or 3 treatments will be needed for best results.

FISH AND WILDLIFE SAFE – Our specially formulated bacteria is safe for fish, reptiles, animals and humans. It will not adjust the pH of your existing pond, but will remove harmful ammonia, nitrites and nitrates that lead to unhappy ponds.

TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying products for businesses and home owners. PondBliss is our line-up of quality waterscape and landscaping products without the big store price tag.


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