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PondBliss Pond Dye Concentrate (Mountain Blue)

PondBliss Pond Dye Concentrate (Mountain Blue)

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DEEP BLUE DYE – PondBliss Mountain Blue Dye turns everyday ponds into a rich and beautiful oasis. Our rich and royal blue dye enhances the natural beauty of water bodies to achieve a relaxing and inviting look. Great for golf courses, estates, man made lakes and swimming ponds.

LONG LASTING – Our Mountain Blue Dye lasts for an entire month and one 32oz bottle will treat a full one acre of water (up to 6 feet deep). In addition to looking great, dye solution will protect ponds by blocking out UV light, encouraging healthy fish, while slowing growth of unwanted pond elements.

SAFE FOR WILDLIFE – PondBliss dye is safe for fish, reptiles, animals and humans. As American manufacturers, we pride ourselves on both safety and stewardship of the land. We only put into the bottle what we would put in our own backyard.

EASY TO USE – No mixing, no shaking and no hassles. Just pour directly into water to see water transform right before your eyes.

TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying products for businesses and home owners. PondBliss is our line-up of quality waterscape and landscaping products without the big store price tag.


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